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United Nations of GetReading: Italy

After featuring in a radio interview, it seems Nino is cropping up again in the press! Reading Post and GetReading.co.uk have once again put on a feature called United Nations of Reading; and have asked Nino to represent Italy during the World Cup.


CLICK HERE to read their article about Nino's World Cup preview on Italy.

BBC Radio Berkshire Interview

Prior to Italy's first match of the World Cup 2014 against England, Nino was invited to the BBC Radio Berkshire's studios to talks about the upcoming game. To our delight, the interviewer (Andrew Peach) started asking all sorts of questions such as when and why he came to England, what he misses about Italy, and then of course his hopes for Italy in the World Cup. Joined by two other Italians, Nino featured in a short 10 minute interview which we believe is well worth a listen.


Whether you are an interested old freind, or somebody that doesnt yet know Nino's story; you can hear all about how came about starting his long career in the restaurant business, (and of course listen to a bit of football talk too!).

CLICK HERE to access the interview via our facebook page



Eat outside? No problem.

Summer 2014 is the summer for Italian dining! Our lovely customers have expressed a wish to eat Nino's; but outdoors... That's why currently, we are making plans to improve our outdoor dining space by creating a more typical Italian-style terrazza, complete with a classic trattoria canopy! Providing comfort, shelter, and of course a little shade also; eating outside at Nino's will be the ideal treat for a summers day.

Keep posted for more news and further information on our improvements, to your Nino's. 

The Blackboard

At Nino's, you'll see that we've placed a blackboard on our shop front that we change each week. On here we share our thoughts, funny quotes from the family, or other random things - including news and trattoria information - for our customers and all passers-by to read. Located just in front of the pedestrian crossing, it is in an ideal spot for you to take a quick glance; so have a look, and see if we can make you smile on your travels!


CLICK HERE to see all the past blackboards we've had at Nino's, via our facebook page

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